Recent rumours flying about relating to the possible cut of solar power incentives in the UK have prompted 22 groups from the green, countryside and housing industry to send a letter of warning to the Secretary of State for Energy, Chris Huhne, outlining that any cuts would jeopardise job creation, energy security and carbon emissions targets.

Just recently, the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s minister of state, Charles Hendry, said he would review the £27bn Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant scheme that’s due to be introduced in April 2011, and the £8bn feed-in tariff (FiT). However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that these changes will actually go through.

The letter sent states: “As you know, heat is responsible for 47% of UK emissions and 49% of UK energy demand, so no government serious about climate change or energy security can ignore half the problem”.

“You published a report with your July energy statement estimating that the cost to households of energy and climate change policies could be counterbalanced by savings from existing energy efficiency policies.

“We hope DECC ministers will advocate this approach, including in the Comprehensive Spending Review, to explain how essential technological innovation can be paid for.

“We were disappointed not to see this argument made in recent media coverage. Pursuing energy efficiency alongside renewables is clearly the right approach.”

However, although this letter has been sent, the industry bodies lobbying against the cuts are not showing a great level of concern. At the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) conference, “Making UK Solar Work: considerations for developing & financing successful solar projects” held on September 2, Ray Noble, REA Solar Photovoltaic specialist, who provides input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others confidently stated that the reported cuts were not likely any time soon, since the cuts in other countries have been introduced to slow increased growth while the UK market has only just got off the ground.

View the full letter here.