The Green Home Company has expanded its operations into Wales, opening new facilities in Bridgend. The new office is set to provide up to 100 roles in the solar industry, despite the confusion and uncertainty that engulfs the industry at the moment.

The Green Home Company hopes that its new operations hub at Bridgend will bring new jobs and investment to the region. The installer has already recruited 50 employees, with plans to double the workforce by the end of February.

Alan Proto, Founder and Executive Chairman of TGHC, said: “The fact that we continue to grow in spite of the recent political uncertainty represents a real success story for the industry. It is possible for householders to earn a 10 percent return on investment from the purchase of solar panels, even with a new lower FiT rate.”

Following the news from the High Court, Porto stated: “We are positive about the future of the solar industry in the UK and believe it can flourish and play an important part in meeting out renewable energy targets and our news is a tangible sign of a positive future for the sector”.