Green Utilities is offering 0% finance for renewable installations through its Green Installer network.

Through this network, Green Utilities is offering 0% finance for domestic customers installing renewable installations using its network of approved installers.

The company is seeking more installers to join its Green Installer network. Installers need to have installed a minimum of 10 installations to join the programme. Once they complete installation and finance sales training, they can become a franchisee or a Green Installer.

All green products offered to customers will have been tested through the company’s own vigorous criteria of quality control, including a visit to the manufacturers’ factories.

Green Utilities is made up of a network of Green Members, Green Installers and Green Partners. Green Members target the general public, offering them information on how to get the best quality installation. Green Installers aim to attract potential licensees while Green Partners are a network of manufacturers and associated partners involved in sharing knowledge, training the installers, and supplying the equipment for installations.