Greenbang Research has released the report, ‘the UK’s feed-in tariff: impact, response and market trends for the decade ahead,’ which offers detailed analysis on current figures and expected future trends of the UK renewable energy market, while also looking into how each of the supported technologies have reacted to the policy.

The report concentrates on the first six months of the FiT, looking at the leading companies for each technology, and which are likely to play a big role as the market develops as well as offering a detailed and thorough explanation of the effect of the feed-in tariff and a complete breakdown of the policy. Analysis is given on current market responses along with insight and understanding into this rapidly evolving market.  

This report also enables a full understanding of the current position of the renewable energy market in the UK and what needs to be done to maintain current levels of growth in order for government targets to be met.

The main questions the report answers are:

  • What is the feed-in tariff and what are the implications of it being introduced on the Renewable Energy market?
  • Who actually pays for the feed-in tariff and how are the costs covered?
  • What are the main regulatory standards for the scheme and what are the tariff rates for each technology?
  • What is the expected revenue and savings from a standard small-scale domestic installation utilizing the feed-in tariff?
  • How has the UK market reacted when compared with similar schemes in Germany and Spain?
  • What is being done by the Renewable Energy industry to respond to the increased demand expected from the feed-in tariff?
  • What have been the market reactions for each of the technologies supported by the feed-in tariff and which has been the quickest to react?
  • What is being done to utilise the feed-in tariff and what are companies doing to exploit it?
  • Which are the top 3 fastest growing companies for each technology in terms of activities since the introduction of the FIT in 2010?
  • What are the expected future market reactions for each technology as the feed-in tariff develops?
  • How has the overall market reacted due to the feed-in tariff being introduced, compared to before the scheme was initiated?
  • What steps are being taken to ensure growth is maintained and the scheme is effectively utilized?

The report can be downloaded from Greenbang's website.