A new renewable energy company which aims to help customers understand green technology and make it affordable and accessible, is being launched across South Yorkshire.

Greenbury Energy was started by business partners, Russell Paul and Steven Peacock, who teamed up to create a renewables company that would give home and business owners alike, clear information and advice about energy efficiency and help demystify the often overwhelming array of microgeneration technologies.

Greenbury Energy will focus on microgeneration technologies and the energy efficiency market, installing technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels and heat pumps.

Paul said: “With rising energy bills more people in Doncaster are interested in green energy as an investment in the future, but it can be confusing as there are many misconceptions and outdated perceptions around the cost and effectiveness of these technologies.”

Greenbury Energy will be opening a new renewable showroom in Cleveland, Doncaster in late March. The aim of the showroom is to provide visitors with an informal setting where they can handle and discuss a plethora of green tech, such as; IHD monitors, solar panels, home insulation and heat pumps.

Paul continued: “Our new showroom is all about educating adults and children about the technology. We believe our approach is unique as we have an educational showroom which is in an accessible location on the high street, and we to want people to feel welcome to pop in and have a chat to us. We are hoping this venture will prove successful in South Yorkshire and our long term aim is to franchise the business so that it can be rolled out across the UK.”

Paul, from Dinnington and Peacock from Sheffield, were involved in the heating and energy sector for seven years before deciding to launch Greenbury Energy.

Paul summarised the new company’s ambitions: “Our mission is to give people the facts and information on the latest energy saving methods so they can make an informed decision on how to make their home or business more energy efficient.”