Grupotec, an investor in renewable energy projects, has announced it has connected 12 PV projects with a total capacity of 46MW to the grid in just nine weeks.

The 12 projects — which are located across the southwest of England on an approximate surface area of one million square meters — required a total investment of £50 million.

During the construction of the projects, Grupotec hired 500 workers and outsourced to 27 subcontractors. The works started on 15 January while the projects connected to the grid on 31 March.

The projects are composed of more than 180,000 solar panels, 1.3 million metres of cabling and over 2,000 tons of steel framework. Together, they are expected to produce around 38 million kWh of electricity every year.

Including these latest projects, Grupotec UK has a total installed PV capacity of 60MW.