Renewable energy project developer, Grupotec Renewables, has announced that it has secured a project pipeline of 200MW in the UK.

The London-based developer says that the pipeline consists entirely of ground-mounted solar farms ranging in size from 5MW to 30MW. Grupotec has also revealed that there is a possibility of adding a further 100MW to the pipeline.

Commenting on the news, Grupotec Renewables’ CEO Ander Muelas said: “Having already proven our capabilities with over 200MW installed in 32 solar farms in the UK, this announcement not only confirms our commitment to the UK market, but also shows that we have great partners that continue to work with us, producing developments of the highest quality.”

“We have always believed that the UK market would be important for our growth as an organisation and this announcement confirms that”, continued Muelas. “While it’s clear that we will see a change in how the market operates at the end of this financial year, we see a good future for developments in the UK.”

Grupotec has confirmed that the 200MW pipeline will all be constructed and connected before proposed changes to the renewable obligation scheme are set to be implemented in April 2015.