Renewable energy project developer, Grupotec Renewables, has announced it has grid connected 200MW in the UK.

Connecting its 32nd solar power plant in the UK, Grupotec reached the milestone of 200MW, by deploying 130MW in just 14 weeks.

To build the 130MW more than 1,800 people were employed to install half a million PV modules and 5,000km of cabling.

If ground mount solar was to be deployed at the same rate of 130MW every 14 weeks, it would take approximately £130 million, two years and four months to build 3.2GW – the same output of the £16 billion UK Hinkley C nuclear power plant station, which will take 10 years to construct.

Grupotec started in Spain, but have been headquartered in London, UK since 2012 and develop and finance various renewable energy projects across the globe.