China-based energy company, Hanergy Holding has transferred Hanergy UK's operations to Hanergy Solar, its dedicated downstream PV operation.

Hanergy Holding has already consolidated previously acquired CIGS thin-film manufacturing companies Solibro, Miasolé and Global Solar Energy within its Hanergy Solar subsidiary.

Hanergy had previously acquired Engensa, a UK-based home energy systems provider before officially establishing Hanergy UK, which was responsible for managing Hanergy Holding’s two-year contract with IKEA in the UK to market CIGS thin-film systems to residential customers within IKEA stores.

The transfer of Hanergy UK to Hanergy Solar for a nominal HK$1, was said by the Hanergy Holding subsidiary to be “a significant step of the Group’s Photovoltaic Applications Business Unit to expand its downstream retail residential business” in the UK.

Solar Power Porta's sister site, PV Tech, had previously reported that Hanergy Holding was considering an outside purchase of a UK installer to further move downstream, according to a financial filing. However, clarification after the report was posted indicated that the potential unidentified transaction did not refer to an outside acquisition.