International PV manufacturer and EPC firm, Hanwha Q CELLS, is to build a 6.5MW power plant in Gloucestershire, England, after acquiring the project from developer, Green Hedge Group.

Green Hedge sold the Tower Hill project to Hanwha Q CELLS for an undisclosed sum after steering it through planning consent and developing it to a build-ready state, the companies said.

Hanwha Q CELLS will now build the project, which it said would be complete and connected in time for the 31 March 2015 cut-off date for projects over 5MW to receive the UK’s renewable obligation support. After that time, projects larger than that will cease to qualify for the subsidy.

The companies said the project would include various measures to promote biodiversity around the site, including the creation of three wildflower meadows and the planting of new trees and hedgerows.

During the project's operation, the landowner is expected to continue using the site for grazing sheep, and after the 25-year project term the site is expected to be returned to its original condition.

Once the project is complete Hanwha Q CELLS will own the plant, with Green Hedge being subcontracted to operate and maintain it.

During Tower Hill’s operating period, an annual £5,810 payment will be made to two local council bodies for the benefit of local residents, amounting to £145,000 over the project’s lifetime.