A poultry farm in Herefordshire has installed a 50kWp solar array on its large free range hen laying unit. The installation was completed in just under a fortnight before the December 12 deadline in order to qualify the system for higher feed-in tariff rates.

The array, designed and installed by SERS Renewables, consists of 208 ZNshine panels paired with a Fronius CL48 inverter. The solar system is expected to produce over 40,000kWh of electricity per ear, saving 23 tonnes from being emitted as a result.

Jimmy Richards, Commercial Manager for SERS Renewables said: “Even though the scale of the installation was large, we managed to get it up and running within a fortnight, despite the seasonal weather. Every part of the design and install process was efficiently managed, enabling us to install a system that provides our client with all the unique benefits that PV offers.”

The system is estimated to cut the farm’s fuel bills by up to 40 percent, enabling the farm to achieve a significant savings as a result of the PV installation. SERS Renewables estimate that the payback period will be just 7 and a half years, generating an expected annual feed in tariff of over £13,000; well over a quarter of a million in its lifetime. 

Poultry Farmer and System Owner, Allan Panniers, said: “The installation was very quick and of no hassle to myself at all, I was able to carry on my day to day work whilst the SERS install team, who were very amiable and helpful, fitted the system.

“I was very pleased when I received the details of the system and the fantastic return on investment. A 40 percent reduction in my fuel bills is a significant amount of money and I’m looking forward to seeing the profit of my farm increase thanks to solar power.”