Will and Catherine Homoky won their solar PV system by entering the ‘Home of the Future’ competition, resulting in their Bristol home being fitted with an array of solar panels.

The Home of the Future Award was created back in November 2009 when company 10:10 teamed up with Keepmoat, the Great British Refurb and Knauf Insulation, to run a competition offering two lucky 10:10ers a full home energy makeover, promising at least a 50% reduction in the energy bills, energy consumption and carbon emissions of the winning property.

The Homoky’s and second winner Emma Rowlston had a total of £25,000 worth of work done on their homes. For Emma, these improvements cut her home energy bills and carbon emission by over 60%. The Solarcentury Sunstation solar panels, installed by Solarsense meant that William saw an incredible 118% cut in his bills, (meaning that he can now sell surplus energy back to the grid) and an 85% fall in his carbon emissions.

Under the UK’s feed-in tariff (FiT) the Homoky’s will be paid 41.3 pence for every unit of energy that their solar roof generates, amounting to an annual income of £667. The excess energy fed back into the grid pays them a further 3p per unit.

Will Homoky said, “There really hasn't ever been a better time for homeowners to switch to solar in the UK, and we're really grateful to Solarcentury and the Great British Refurb Campaign to be one of them!”

Investing in a system like this, you can expect savings and income of £28,000 over the 25 years that the FiT is paid, which amounts to a profit of £16,600.

“We're amazed to see so much happen in so little time. It's been great to have the opportunity to see all this work in progress and learn from the experts how energy conservation can be improved. All of a sudden we're reducing our bills and our emissions reductions are far greater than we could have achieved on our own,” concluded Will.