HomeSun is launching a new campaign to help raise awareness about the UK’s solar subsidy scheme. The campaign is being run with the help of public relations agency Hanover and aims to boost solar installations among residential users nationwide.

Once the preserve of rich homeowners, the Government’s feed-in tariff and the launch of several competitively-priced installation packages have now made solar a financially-viable alternative. And HomeSun itself is currently offering free solar panels, free solar installation and 25 years of maintenance for new customers.

Daniel Green, HomeSun CEO said, “Historically, solar has been the domain of the wealthy middle classes. FiTs have enabled HomeSun to change that and to deliver socially inclusive independent power production.

“We’ve had people tweeting about their solar PV system – when was the last time people got that excited about electricity? There is a positive and successful movement on the ground, which is down to the support of FiTs and is changing the way people produce, use and view power. This story needs to reach mainstream media and the Government.”