Alliance Homes, a Somerset-based housing association is looking at developing a legal framework that would see it become one of the first landlords to set up as a Green Deal provider.

The 6,500-home association could invite other landlords to help achieve the scale needed to successfully operate under the coalition’s flagship green policy.

Alliance Homes is considering investing its own money into establishing the necessary legal framework, subject to a positive result from a feasibility study. The association is also considering trialling a pilot project using between 50 and 70 homes on which it can test green deal measures.

The housing association has approached the Green Deal Finance Corporation to help finance its ambition, as well as talking to a number of contractors who would be interested in carrying out the work.

If further analysis finds that becoming a green deal provider is too expensive, then Alliance Homes is also open to the idea of partnering with an energy company. However, such an alliance would limit the company’s revenue.

Steve Drew, Director of Assets at Alliance Homes, said: ‘We are keen to push on with this and ensure our tenants benefit from the green deal. It’s not perfect, but it’s a sound idea and one we would like to deliver.’

Inside Housing report that last August, Alliance Homes spent £250,000 in procurement and legal costs to establish a framework for investing in solar PV. To date, nine landlords have accessed the framework for free.

Pippa Read, Sustainability Policy Leader at the National Housing Federation, said: ‘This is very positive. It shows how housing associations of all sizes are eager to lead and participate in the green deal, subject to it having the right framework.’