The latest architectural trends show how the UK construction sector tries to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings. Solar thermal energy provides significant environmental advantages such as reducing air pollution, cutting global warming emissions, decreasing our dependence on coal, and creating new jobs.

For most of Europe, solar thermal energy gives quick savings for people wanting solar power in their homes, where a lot of energy is spent on water heating.

Nevertheless, solar panels used to be big, unsightly and often slapped onto roofs as an afterthought. Luckily, moves towards sustainable building have reaffirmed the need to implement solutions such as Thermoslate, which as well as improving the energy efficiency of your home, offers aesthetics that suits any architectural design.

It has been specially designed to fully integrate into your slate roof. Actually, Thermoslate is the only solar system to use the properties of natural slate, converting sunlight to energy to produce heating, hot water or for pool heating. With a range suiting all construction systems, Thermoslate solar collectors are undetectable once installation is complete.

These solar collectors are made using Spanish slate extracted from CUPA PIZARRAS’ own quarries, ensuring perfect integration, regardless of the fixing system used for the natural slate roof.

Thermoslate enhances a building´s aesthetics and efficiency, is simple to install, involves practically no maintenance whatsoever and pays for itself fairly quickly! That makes it the perfect choice for any home or emblematic building restoration.

How does it work? A system made up of seven Thermoslate collectors could generate sufficient power to cover 76% of the heating, domestic hot water and pool heating needs for a home to a family of five people.  

Moreover, Thermoslate solar thermal collectors not only allow homeowners to make the most of the sustainability of renewable energies, they also help save on annual energy bills. With this system, homeowners can achieve annual savings of around 580 litres of fuel oil and prevent the emission of 1.5 tonnes of CO2.

Thermoslate is characterised by its ability to adapt to the needs of each location and roof. To start saving energy and money you only need to define your location, describe your needs depending on the number of people living at home, and choose the best solar collector configuration depending on the roof space available.

It should be added that it not only compatible with any existing storage, control and distribution systems, but it has also been subjected to strict quality and efficiency controls.

Are you thinking of installing a solar thermal system on slate roofs? Then, you should better have a look at the Thermoslate website.