The launch of Huawei’s FusionHome product at Intersolar today. Image: Huawei.

Inverter manufacturer Huawei has launched its maiden residential product for the European market, offering to connect rooftop solar installs with domestic appliances to maximise self-consumption.

The FusionHome smart energy solution, which Huawei unveiled earlier today at Intersolar Munich, proposes to combine domestic solar installs and intelligent monitoring systems with smart domestic appliances while also increasing solar system efficiency.

A ‘smart energy centre’ allows communication between rooftop solar and intelligent home appliances, effectively allowing the control of power flows within a household to maximise self-consumption.

Huawei said the system would remove the need for consumers to invest in energy storage while costs remained comparatively high, however a DC-coupling storage interface has also been included should the user wish to retrofit batteries.

Meanwhile, other facets of the system profess to maximise solar efficiency. Optimisers are capable of enabling solar to be installed in shade-prone areas and allows different module types to be installed within one string.

FusionHome also claims to increase inverter efficiency up to 98.6% – a level which Huawei says is a new industry benchmark – all of which is capable of boosting energy yields by as much as 30%.

Steven Zhoutao, general manager for Huawei’s smart PV business residential solution, said that FusionHome aimed to “refine smart energy management”.

The product launch leads from a range of similar, whole system solution products that have been released to the UK market in recent weeks and months.

Energy giant E.On looked to make a splash in the UK market with its branded solar-plus-storage solution which it has subsequently marketed through a partnership with pop band Gorillaz, while EDF has partnered with solar developer Lightsource to launch its equivalent Sunplug product.