Hyundai has launched a new 250W module type series in the UK, specifically to meet UK installer requirements. The S250RF(BF) is a 54-cell 250W modules using monocrystalline Passivated Emitter, Rear Locally-Diffused Cell (PERL) cells enabling a claimed 10% reduction in roof space to achieve a 4kW system.


Since the arrival of the Feed-in-tariff in 2010, the UK market has seen the 250W module move from being the holy-grail to the work horse of domestic PV. 250W modules are the most preferred module size for domestic installations because 16 modules of 250W can make an exact 4kW system and comply with the best FiT rates for residential rooftop systems. However, constant cell efficiency gains have led to higher module performance levels within the standard 60-cell configuration, resulting in less system optimization and more complex design calculations. With conventional 60-cell modules, a 4kW system may require about 23 m2 of space and weigh 265kg.


Hyundai’s S250RF(BF) module for example uses a monocrystalline Passivated Emitter, Rear Locally-Diffused Cell (PERL) 54-cell black-framed module, retaining the UK installers preference for 250W modules for calculating system size and pricing. The modules are therefore smaller (998mm x 1,480mm) and lighter (15.4 kg) and require 20.7 m2 of roof space (10% smaller than 60-cell module) and weighs 215.6 kg (19% lighter) to achieve a 4kW system. This allows small or weaker roofs to have optimized rooftop installations, despite this previously being unavailable limiting rooftop deployments. 


Residential and small commercial rooftops.


The S250RF(BF) uses monocrystalline PERL cells in a (6×9 matrix) series with cell efficiencies of 20.4% (max). They have anti-reflective coating low-iron tempered glass, 2.8 mm (0.11”). Encapsulant is EVA. IP68, weatherproof, IEC certified (UL listed) Jbox and 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shading.


Hyundia’s full range of 250W modules is available in the UK exclusively through BayWa r.e. Solar Systems and Segen.