Ikaros Solar UK, the commercial solar installation company, is inviting business owners and landlords to free workshops across the country to help educate them on the potential of solar power. Over the coming months Ikaros will hold seminars on how to generate savings and financial returns by utilising renewable energy.

Ikaros Solar UK's commercial manager, David Dean, “There is a common misconception that the weather in the UK means that solar panels are not cost effective, but that is simply not true. The UK Government provides generous subsidies through its feed-in tariff scheme which pays businesses for all the electricity they produce, even if they use it themselves.”

“While the reduction in FiT payments will undoubtedly affect the viability of schemes such as solar parks and larger factories, the UK Government has left the payments for schemes up to 50kW unchanged, and our view is that is good news for small and medium sized businesses who will fall in that category. In addition, there are ‘sweet spots’ among the larger categories as well, such as 130-150kW and 200-250kW,” Dean continued.

Workshops will include information on how the feed-in tariff incentive structure works, and how it makes solar a potentially lucrative investment in the UK. Speakers will also focus on how to design the optimal solar installation, the suitability of sites or buildings, system viability, design restrictions and grid connection feasibility.

The planning application process, structural assessment, timescales involved, construction, maintenance and choosing a partner will also be discussed.

Workshop dates include:

Canterbury- August 10
Cwmbran – August 16, September 9
Exeter- August 17
High Wycombe- August 18
Bournemouth-August 23
Bromsgrove – August 25
Northfleet – September 6
Andover- September 14
Havant – September 27
Tewkesbury- September 29
Crawley- October 4
Swindon- October 12
Camberley – October 20