Image: ILI Group.

Scottish clean energy developer ILI Group has announced the sale of its 50MW utility-scale battery project in Fife, Scotland to Abbey Group Cambridgeshire and YooGen1.

The sale bring the group’s funded battery projects to 100MW noted Mark Wilson, CEO of The ILI Group, adding his thanks to “our legal team at TLT, in particular Damien Bechelli and Joanna Hamilton who pushed the sale over the line at 23:10 on Friday night to meet our closing date”.

ILI has a further 450MW of storage ready for later this year, and a total pipeline of 3GW of energy storage project across Scotland. This includes 2GW of pumped storage hydro and 1GW of battery storage.

This includes a 50MW battery storage project in Aberdeenshire, which the company gained planning consent for in February.

“The energy transition is dependent on the availability of energy storage, this has been highlighted in the government’s recent 10-point plan and in the energy white paper showing the need for short-duration energy storage(under 4hrs) such as our battery project in fife and long-duration storage(4hrs +) like our pumped storage hydro project at Loch Ness, Red John,” continued Wilson.

“It is essential that we have the correct mix of both durations of storage to balance the power from intermittent renewable energy and enable the government's ambitious new renewable energy roll out.”

Collectively, ILI’s planned projects will bring over £2 billion of investment to Scotland, and create thousands of jobs the company said, helping to stimulate the economy as the nation comes out of the pandemic.

Nick Sutton from Abbey Group Cambridgeshire Ltd added that they “have worked successfully with ILI Group on numerous renewable energy projects over the past 5 years and this acquisition further increases our fast growing pipeline of battery projects in the UK”.