Ground-mount project developer Inazin Power is to launch a commercial rooftop business, Solar Power Portal can reveal.

Our sister service Solar Intelligence has learned that the company will offer funded rooftop PPAs for as little as 5p per kWh. The rate is comparable to that touted by Lightsource and SunEdison.

Writing in a blog for SPP, Finlay Colville who heads up the Solar Intelligence service wrote: “As new and differentiated models evolve for large commercial rooftops in the UK, it will be interesting to see what impact Inazin has as the sector grows. Right now, the commercial rooftop market is starting to gain traction, but what may ultimately make it successful is having a strong collection of competing companies collectively driving its growth.”

Debbie Webb, who will head up the commercial rooftop business at Inazin, said: “The recent announcement from the government to allow the relocation of rooftop PV installations after the first four years of installation [the ‘lift and shift’ provision], gives extra security to commercial owners that are faced with long lease terms of 25-30 years.

“Also, allowing permitted consent for rooftops up to 1MW will certainly help reduce lead times and simplify the overall planning process,” she added.