Inazin Solar is exploring the possibility of installing one of the UK’s largest solar farms in Lincolnshire.

Although no formal planning application has been submitted, the renewable energy developer has identified a 67-hectare site on land to the south of Brantson.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Inazin Solar said that it expects the site to have an installed capacity of between 35-40MW – enough to power 6,000-8,000 average UK homes. In addition the site would mitigate the emission of over 20,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The proposals include the construction of a new sub-station that would enable the power generated from the site to be directly fed into the national grid. The developer also noted that the land between the solar arrays will be used for grass/forage crops for animal feeds or anaerobic digestion plants.

Opposition to solar farms at this kind of scale has become increasingly widespread. A groundswell of MP opposition recently forced Greg Barker to shape revised planning guidance for solar farms that places a greater emphasis on community engagement and opinions.  

The increasingly controversial nature of solar farm developments was recently discussed in the inaugural Solar Media podcast as well as how the solar industry can work to protect its current level of public support.