Infinite Energy has launched the UK’s first modular solar car park canopy. ElectroPort can be installed on any car park, generating solar energy that can be used both onsite as well as forming a charging point for electric cars. The system is designed and built in the UK.

Sam Tilley, Managing Director of Infinite Energy said, “The ElectroPort solar car canopy enables retailers, businesses and councils to install solar panels and generate their own green energy on-site, which is particularly attractive for companies where available roof space may be an issue. It is also a great advert for a company’s green credentials as well as showing support for the roll-out of the UK wide charging point infrastructure to encourage the take up of electric vehicles.”

“When the Government introduced its £5,000 rebate for anyone buying an electric vehicle in January 2011, and with the launch of a number of electric cars this year designed and priced for the mass market, we realised that this year will be the start of the electric car revolution. To allow for the increased demand for EV’s there needs to be a large network of charging points, which are being rolled out across the UK this year,” explained Tilley.