Infinity Innovations has announced the launch of its new Stealth Energy PV Tile after two years of development.

The company claims that the new 50W modules are the first frameless monocyrstalline PV tiles to hit the UK market. Having recently gained MCS accreditation, the new roof-integrated modules have already featured in a number of new build sites as well as retrofit sites across the UK.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Jake Findlay, sales director of Infinity Innovations explained that the UK domestic solar market is increasingly demanding improved aesthetics for solar installations, and that the new product has been designed with that in mind. He said:  “The constant race to fulfill global tariff cuts over recent years has driven solar panel manufacturers to concentrate on volume and price rather than design and aesthetics in the production of photovoltaic panels.

“Solar PV is now an inevitable method of creating energy for the future. However, the issue of its often unsightly appearance remains a constant complaint, particularly for the UK domestic market.”

“The Stealth Energy PV Tile prioritises aesthetics and efficiency in equal proportions. The result is a new small XT-12m 50W frameless PV tile, which can be discretely mounted as a roof-integrated, highly efficient solar solution.”  

According to Infinity Innovations, one of the key features of the Stealth Energy PV Tile is that the tile is manufactured with pre-drilled holes in each corner – making installations to a sub-frame easier as the use of large flat headed screws can be used instead of having to clamp sideways onto framed panels.