Solar developer INRG Solar has submitted plans to build a 6.35MW solar array on farm land near Newby West, Carlisle.

INRG Solar has tasked planning firm the Pegasus Group to aid the company throughout the planning stage and plans were submitted to Carlisle City Council earlier this month after INRG consulted residents in the local area.

The company intends to develop 13.3 hectares of land owned by a local farmer and construct a 6.35MW solar farm comprising more than 25,000 modules, associated inverts and substations and a 2 metre perimeter fence.

The site is located south west of Carlisle city approximately 300 metres west of West Newby village, around 2.5km south of Hadrian’s Wall.

Site notices were first placed on 13 May and although INRG has already held informal consultations with local residents, a formal window has opened and responses will be accepted until 5 June.

The development has yet to receive any objections, however Northern Gas Networks has requested communication with the developers in the event of planning permission being granted due to gas apparatus being located in the area.