Global solar photovoltaics project developer, juwi Solar, is to extend its international business activities by entering new photovoltaics markets and creating 500 new jobs worldwide by 2012. As well as continuing to focus on experienced markets, the company has also outlined plans to set up a new branch based in the UK, creating 'green' jobs for UK residents.

juwi plans to work on roof and ground-mounted installations with an output of over 1,000MW in the next two years. By realizing the potential the UK solar market holds, the company has now decided to move into the country, providing a variety of renewable energy jobs.

“As general contractor we can offer the construction of turnkey plants to registered holders in practically every country. We are checking a number of countries at present regarding the launch of an own project development and the establishment of further branch offices,” said juwi Solar managing director Lars Falck.

On speaking with juwi, the Solar Power Portal found that the UK office is still in the planning phase, and so no further information on location, size or the amount of jobs could be provided.