A 2.04MW solar farm in North Lincolnshire has been rejected after officials from Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport raised concerns that glare could affect pilots.

The site at Green Lane near Belton also faced opposition from the Parish Council which was concerned at the use of agricultural land. Local MP Andrew Percy also back opposition.

The Solar Trade Association (STA) points out that glare from panels is minimal as they are designed to absorb rather than deflect light. Gatwick, Newquay and Southend Airport have panels installed either on or adjacent to their sites.

Planning guidelines for PV call for sit- specific evidence on potential aviation impact as well as date on the specific model of panels that will be used in the project. The council said in its decision that neither condition had been met.

Planning documents on North Lincolnshire Council’s website also claim that almost no community engagement work was carried out ahead of the plans, which were being developed by York-based contractor.