Swindon-based window cleaning specialists, Ionic Systems, has launched a new range of pure-water cleaning systems for all types of solar panels.

Ionic Systems’ Reach & Wash system is a range of long-reaching poles to clean to a height of up to 80ft from the ground – making them ideal for cleaning high-level solar installations.

The company’s Reach & Wash system was recently showcased at Solar Power UK 2012 and, following a new range of accessories and specially designed systems, the Reach & Wash range is fast becoming a widely adopted method for cleaning both solar thermal and solar PV modules.

Due to the recent feed-in tariff rate changes, the UK market has become much more aware of what it can do to ensure maximum output from installed solar arrays. One of the easiest ways to meaningfully boost the yield of an array is to ensure that the modules are regularly cleaned.  

Ionic Systems has experienced great success in Germany and Spain, where its systems are often used in large-scale solar farms to keep the panels operating at the highest possible efficiency.  Ionic’s QuattRO system is proving particularly useful for larger sites where regular cleaning is needed. By producing a good supply of ultra-pure water even in hard-water areas, the QuattRO allows efficient cleaning of large arrays. Whereas Ionic’s vehicle-mounted (or trailer-mounted) Zero™ system offers ultimate flexibility, allowing cleaning to be performed anywhere, without the need for access to a water or power supply.