Chinese solar manufacturer JA Solar has revealed that it has shipped 30MW of modules to British Solar Renewables.

The modules were used for four ground-mounted utility-scale projects across the UK which were designed and developed by British Solar Renewables.

The shipment is believed to be one of the first large consignments into the EU from China since the anti-dumping regulations were enforced.

Angus Macdonald, CEO of British Solar Renewables, noted that the demand for solar farms in the UK is holding strong despite the anti-dumping measures, he said: “We see continued, strong interest from investors and landowners in well-sited, high-quality, ground-mounted solar projects in the UK. We have been impressed by the quality of JA Solar’s products and are benefitting from the high performance of their modules in the field.”

Baofang Jin, executive chairman and CEO of JA Solar, added: “We’re delighted to have been involved in these projects in the UK, where the increasing competitiveness of solar has generated strong demand…Our continued success in the UK market across a range of applications, from large-scale power plants to bespoke high-efficiency solutions, is a testament to this.”