Module manufacturer, Jinko Solar is to supply Lightsource Renewable Energy with panels for an 18.5MW solar farm in the UK.

Xiande Li, chairman of Jinko Solar said: “We look forward to working closely with Lightsource and share our mutual vision of a green low-carbon future”.

Kareen Boutonnat, managing director of Lightsource Renewable Energy said: “We have to ensure that our supply chain remains intact as our business expands. During the early stages of anti-dumping uncertainty, we expect to work closely with our suppliers to put in place orders that would secure the development of our projects. We are pleased to be working with Jinko Solar to meet the UK's renewable energy targets, and hope this partnership will continue into the future.

“The recent progress of the global green energy economy has been astonishing. The UK's demand for solar PV has been notable as well. This means more jobs, more business opportunities and more international investment. It is a very exciting time for the solar PV industry in the UK and deals like this with Jinko Solar, will further progress the UK's vision to take energy generation into its own hands,” Boutonnat added.

Lightsource Renewable Energy will be exhibiting at Solar Energy UK at booth P13.