JSC Installations designed this system for the Yates family home in Lymm, Cheshire since the family wanted to generate as much renewable power as possible (about 50% of their household requirements.)

The building has an almost perfect south facing aspect and was tied-in with a loft conversion and new roof, so the integrity of the site could not have been better; the only consideration was roof shape, as there is a pike on the left of centre running two thirds of the way up the roof.

Because of this the company had to choose the PV panels carefully and opted for Sanyo HIT240HDE4 panels, as they offer a compact size panel whilst offering exceptional power and efficiency.

The final system design was a 2.4kWp system using 10 x Sanyo panels and a Fronius inverter.

Dr Yates’ testimonial:

“Mr John Curry of JSC installations has done a number of projects for us in recent years including the installation of a garage alarm; a house wide system of smoke detectors; the electrical installations in a loft conversion and most recently the entire installation of a solar photovoltaic system. I would thoroghly recommend JSC installations and I would certainly use them again for any future work.”

This case study was provided by JSC Installations.