German inverter manufacturer Kaco new energy is releasing a new microinverter which it claims will ‘revolutionise’ the segment.

The company states that the new ‘Ultraverter’ range of microinverters are capable of fitting any grid voltage in the world – the first product of its kind.

Kaco says that its ultraverters, blueplanet flex and blueplanet flexgate, feature a newly-designed control system that allows multiple low voltage inverters to be connected in series up to the desired system output voltage. A fact the company believes will help system designers realise the savings of AC module building blocks.

The company’s press release states that low voltage inverters are ‘the core of the blueplanet flex ultraverter concept’. As a result, Kaco believes that installers will benefit from the ability to pick from a broader pool of equipment.

The company added: “One universal inverter for all grids means logistics and forecasting are easier than ever. No matter the PV project requirements, the blueplanet flex will master every plant design challenge – with an industry leading efficiency of 97 % at that.”

A Kaco spokesperson told Solar Power Portal that the company planned on having the new microinverters available globally by the end of 2014.

The company recently opened a new inverter manufacturing facility in Texas, USA.