The Kadwa Patidar Centre in Harrow generated over 23,000kWh of solar energy from 2 July to 31 October 2014 thanks to its 69kWp solar array installed on the roof. 

The solar array consists of 276 x 250W Hyundai Solar modules which were divided into three groups and connected to SAJ Suntrio inverters. 

The real world performance of the array means that the system should produce around 57,000kWh of energy every year. Combined with energy bill savings, feed-in tariff payments and the export price of electricity, the centre estimates that it will earn £11,400 a year from the array. 

Commenting on the performance of the solar array, the manager of Kadwa Patidar Centre, said: “The solar system on roof of Kadwa Patidar Centre not only cools down the building by preventing direct sunshine, but also produces around 200kWh every day, which is far more than the need of this community centre. People that hold weddings, conferences, dramas, concerts, private parties, social gatherings can now enjoy the free electricity.”