Image: Tesvolt.

The demand for energy storage systems for commercial operations is rising at an incredible pace in the UK. Tesvolt will be paying a visit to Bristol and Glasgow to show electrical installers how they can break into this lucrative market.


Rapid market development

In the UK, the commercial and industrial sectors are relying on battery storage systems more and more as a way of reducing their electricity costs. The commercial storage market across Europe is growing by 35% per year.

Most companies can substantially cut their electricity costs by setting up a storage system. For example, peak loads can be cushioned using stored energy. In bakeries, power usage shoots up in the early hours of the morning when the ovens are turned on. In metalworking plants, welding equipment and other machinery leads to similar spikes in consumption. Dairy farmers experience the same problem due to milking machines which are used several times a day, as do business owners who charge multiple electric cars at the same time.

A battery storage system allows businesses to use more electricity from their own solar power systems. What’s more, using a storage system brings greater independence from rising electricity costs.


Tesvolt: a specialist in commercial storage systems

Although it was only founded five years ago, Tesvolt has already become a specialist in this market segment. The rapid market development means there is serious turnover potential – especially for electrical installers. Tesvolt provides its collaboration partners with ways to overcome tomorrow’s challenges in the form of its cutting-edge, exceptionally safe and economical energy storage solutions and friendly support during all processes.

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Visit us at one of our stops on the 2020 Tesvolt Euro Tour and learn all about new market opportunities, the Tesvolt product campaign and our exciting partner programme.

Come along to the roadshow for a jam-packed day (10:00–16:00) covering:

  • Trends, business models and opportunities in the storage market
  • Practical examples demonstrating specific benefits for you and your customers
  • Tips on planning, installing and selling commercial storage systems
  • Tesvolt company profile
  • Tesvolt product campaign for 2020
  • Tesvolt specialist partner programme
  • Doors open at 09:00

UK dates

• 16 April: Bristol

• 23 April: Glasgow

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