Sundog Energy, provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, based in Cumbria, has been awarded a £1.3million contract to provide a large solar PV system on the roof of Kings Cross Station in London. Once complete, the system will be one of the largest solar installations in the country.

The Kings Cross project will feature a 240kWp (kilowatt peak) capacity, meaning that the roof will generate approximately 175,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year. The solar PV cells will be integrated into 1,392 glass laminate units that will form part of the new glass roofing structure over the platforms and concourses. The area of roof that will be covered with the solar PV glass laminate will be approximately 2,300m2.  The installation is expected to be completed over a 12-month period.

Martin Cotterell, Managing Director of Sundog Energy, said, “Winning the Kings Cross Station contract is a great development for Sundog that reflects our expertise and reputation within this highly specialised industry. This project is also a fantastic showcase for solar PV technology.  How many millions of people use Kings Cross each year, who cannot fail to see the iconic solar cells at work above their heads?”

“Network Rail has also made a canny investment,” he continued. “They will be among the first beneficiaries of the Government’s new feed-in tariff.  This scheme will pay a premium rate for the electricity generated by solar PV systems for 25 years, producing a return of up to 8% on investment. Most importantly, they will be making a substantial reduction of their carbon footprint – as each unit of electricity generated by the PV system will save over half a kilogram of carbon emissions.”

Sundog Energy will be providing the Kings Cross PV system under contract to Kier Construction – the main contractors to Network Rail for parts of the station refurbishment program.

Kings Cross masterplan, provided by RUDI.