This building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) system was completed on behalf of Tony Dawkins, who was keen to involve renewable energy in the plans for his home. Mr. Dawkins decided on a 3.17kWp system consisting of 72 Redland Duoplain PV Tiles. By opting for a BIPV solution, he was able to fit the PV tiles fitting flush with the surrounding Duoplain concrete tiles in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing roof which also satisfied planning requirements.

Mr. Dawkins said, “I designed and specified the house and wanted to build it in excess of current building regulations for energy efficiency. To achieve this I knew some form of renewable technology would be required. Having looked at all the major PV manufacturers, I decided on Redland.”

“Their integrated solution is particularly well suited to new build houses such as my own. Being integrated means it is quick and easy to install, the whole roof took less than two weeks to fit, and also has excellent resistance to the strong wind and rain experienced on the South Coast,” continued Dawkins.

In order to minimise the risk of damage, one contractor was used to install the traditional roof tiles as well as the PV system, also providing Mr. Dawkins with the Redland 15 year guarantee for the entire roof.

Kingsley Group, which won the contract with its MCS registered Eco Solutions and Roofing divisions, installed the entire roof covering. Director of Eco Solutions, Nick Turnbull said, “The Redland Solar PV Tile is a superb product which is quick and easy to install and integrates fantastically into the roof to leave it aesthetically one of the best photovoltaic systems on the market”.