Kingspan Insulated Panels has had a 130kWp system installed in an attempt to reach the company’s ambition of net-zero energy usage.

Northeast Electrical installed the solar PV system on the Kingspan Group’s own Head Office in Kingscourt, Ireland. The system spans over 100 mof roof space and will more than offset the total annual electricity usage of the group offices. 

The 130kWp system consists of 563 Yingli 235W modules, expected to output 100,000kWh per year, saving over 52 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted per year.

Similar systems have already been installed at Kingspan Insulation’s manufacturing facility in Pembridge and Kingspan’s plant in Holywell. At 800kWp and 406kWp respectively they are currently two of the largest roof-top PV arrays in the UK.  At both plants the PV systems were designed to supply a significant proportion of the site’s lighting and manufacturing electricity needs.

Gilbert McCarthy, Managing Director of Kingspan Insulated Panels, said: “There are so many ways we can take action towards achieving net-zero energy, and it is important to lead by example.  We are planning to roll out a basket of measures across all of our operations, and are already working on the next phase to move our own manufacturing sites towards net-zero energy.

“It is a real challenge for manufacturers, but one that is well worth pursuing, both in terms of cutting energy cost, reducing our reliance on power from the grid and exceeding customer expectations in managing our own environmental impacts.”