Kingspan Renewables has launched Varisol HP, featuring an all-new design which utilises advanced heat pipe technology to deliver better performance than its predecessor.

This model retains all the original features of the original Varisol DF (direct flow) model, namely, the use of high performance polymer materials to allow vacuum tubes to simply ‘click-fit’ together to create solar thermal collectors of varying sizes.

However, it also brings with it the added advantage of Kingspan’s world-leading heat pipe technology. This includes a completely unique temperature limitation device in the condenser for system protection along with dry tube connections for ease of installation and maintenance. The Varisol HP is suitable for both domestic and commercial markets.

Kingspan Environmental and Renewables Managing Director Ralph Mannion said: “We’re delighted to be able to combine both our award-winning modular Varisol design with our hero product, Thermomax HP. This has been the result of a major emphasis on research and development here at Kingspan. We were able to develop a unique copper pocket, over-moulded into the Varisol polymer header, to house the condenser and allow for the dry connection of solar thermal tubes. This revelation means our customers can now enjoy the total flexibility of modular design along with the unique benefits of our Thermomax HP vacuum tubes. This includes a temperature limitation mechanism to ensure a lifetime of maximum output and savings as well as dry tube connections for easier upkeep and installation. This makes Varisol more cost-effective and efficient than ever before.”

Mannion continued: “Thanks to Varisol, high quality solar thermal installations have now become accessible to a wider audience, especially those with potential design issues, such as dormer bungalows or sky lights. However, the end user is not the only one to benefit. With no manifolds to stock or invest capital in, distributors gain from improved stock control and for installers the vacuum tubes are quick and easy to fit. It is also more environmentally friendly, using 100 percent recyclable polymer material and eliminating the need for brazing and welding as well as energy intensive metals.”

The new Varisol model incorporates Thermomax HP vacuum tube collectors, which the company claims delivers up to 70 percent of hot water requirements throughout the year. The vacuum inside each tube also provides perfect insulation by protecting the system from outside influences, such as cold, wet or windy weather, resulting in quality performance all-year-round.

Varisol forms part of Kingspan Renewables’ all-encompassing solar packages, designed to provide specifiers, installers and end users with an unrivalled solar solution.