Kingspan Insulated Panels has become the first manufacturer of insulated metal cladding systems to be certified by the Carbon Trust Standard.

Under the terms of the Carbon Trust Standard organisations must be able to display both annual reductions in energy usage over a period of three years and prove that they have the necessary management procedures, plans and targets to continue to achieve further year-on-year carbon reductions.

Kingspan Insulated Panels has undertaken a range of measures to reduce its environmental footprint at its UK sites in recent years including transforming the Holywell facility into a zero waste to landfill site, installing a 2900m2 Kingspan PowerPanel PV array on the roof and implementing a range of energy efficiency improvements at all sites.

All Kingspan staff have been fully briefed on the company’s Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy.

Mark Harris, Divisional Building Technology Director at Kingspan, said: “Attaining the Carbon Trust Standard is independent proof of our achievements in our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon and energy footprints. The Standard will provide a platform and catalyst for our renewed efforts to save energy in the short-term and forms part of our long-term goal of achieving net-zero energy at all Kingspan sites. 

“The key lesson from this process for us is that energy saving provides financial savings that go straight to the bottom line – the business case is very strong with the bonus that the environment benefits from reduced carbon emissions,” he continued.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification for the Carbon Trust, said: “Kingspan’s certification achievement is a great example of how leadership from the top can drive carbon emission reductions throughout an organisation. The company has demonstrated that focusing on low carbon technology and employee engagement can deliver real reductions.”