Krannich Solar has partnered with Bosch and Samsung to form their first distribution partnerships in the UK. Both brands have gained MCS accreditation, and have not partnered with anyone else for distribution within the UK solar market.

Juan Romera-Wade, Chief Operating Officer of Krannich Solar UK said, “We are extremely excited and proud to be working with these global brands and to be the first UK distributor for both Bosch and Samsung. Krannich is a well established and trusted company in Europe and we are set to establish ourselves in a similar way in the UK, through the combination of our fantastic product portfolio and the level of service which we pride ourselves on providing to our customers.”

“Sales of the highly desirable Bosch and Samsung products are already proving very popular and we have a steady supply in our UK warehouse, so we are confident that these new distribution partnerships will prove highly successful from all perspectives,” Romera-Wade concluded.