German solar developer and installer, Kronos Solar has applied for permission to install a 13MW solar park at West Farm, Cosheston in Pembrokeshire.

If approved, the £20 million scheme will see over 60,000 solar modules installed across almost 70 acres of land under the Renewable Obligation scheme. The scheme is the latest in an increasing number of >5MW installations developed for the UK.

Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Kronos Solar’s Director, Alexander Arache, explained why they had chosen to develop the park in Pembrokeshire: “We looked at several solar park sites in Wales and there were two or three great areas but this was the best site,” he said.

“The great thing about its location is that it's practically invisible from the surrounding area, that’s why this site is so good. Not only is there very limited visibility, it's acceptable to the area and it also is not stealing any great farm land as it is low grade land”.

Kronos Solar has also been keen to stress that if the application is approved the solar developer will focus on developing an agreement that will provide benefits to the local area and community.

Arache added: “Like always we do something that comes with substantial local benefit. Everywhere we have built we have had a great relationship with the parish and community councils. We hope people like the idea and so far the feedback has been very good.”

The large-scale renaissance under the ROC mechanism and what part it will play in the British solar landscape across 2012 is set to be a large topic of discussion at this year’s Solar Power UK 2012 in Birmingham on October 2-4th. Those interested in attending cam find out more here