A coalition of businesses has published an open letter praising the newly-appointed Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey.

The letter, supported by a range of businesses including Marks & Spencer, Sony, WWF and Unilever, congratulates Davey on his appointment and praises the “clarity of direction and ambition” Davey showed during his first few days within the role.

The letter recognises the magnitude of the challenge facing the incumbent Energy and Climate Change Secretary, as the country continues its transition to a low-carbon economy in tough economic times.

As a result, the businesses call on Davey to administer “credible long-term policies and vocal ministerial support across Government” in order to “give business sufficient certainty to invest and expand in the UK.”

The organisations have pledged to support Davey in efforts to increase energy efficiencies, establish the UK as leading green economy and create confidence for businesses to invest in renewables in the UK.

Nick Molho, Head of Energy Policy for WWF, explained the purpose of the letter, saying: “Investment certainty is the key to decarbonising our economy, reducing the costs of doing so, and creating a substantial number of new jobs in the UK’s growing low-carbon industries. With this in mind, we have sent a letter to Ed Davey to wish him good luck in his new position as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and to put forward our key expectations on energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

The full letter can be read here.