Leeds County Council is set to roll out a network of solar-powered street map signs at 25 different sites across the city.

The “Walk It” signs will utilise solar PV technology to power a backlight behind the displays. The backlit maps will allow visitors and tourists to easily navigate across the city in day or night.

The signs harness the latest technologies to help ease navigation across the city. The maps will include estimated walking times and will be rendered ‘Heads Up’, which means that the map is orientated to the direction of the user.

Councillor Richard Lewis said: “We want to make sure people can find their way around the city centre and these signs will ensure they don’t miss out on any of our many attractions.

“We’ve decided to locate this first phase of signs near the train and bus stations and within the city’s main shopping area and, because they are solar-powered, the signs will be lit up at night which encourage people to make the most of the vibrant night-life.”

The project is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK and was developed by Applied and manufactured and installed by Trueform. A further 10 “Walk It” solar maps are expected to go in early next year to link in with other major council projects.