UK fast food outlet LEON will be powered solely from solar this summer following a new arrangement with energy supplier Opus Energy.

From yesterday until the end of summer LEON’s 47 UK-based stores will source all of their electricity from solar generators which Opus – a business supply subsidiary of the Drax Group – has agreements with.

The company entered into a renewables tariff agreement with Opus last year and has, until now, been supplied electricity sourced from various renewable generators, including solar, wind and hydro.  

However Opus has arranged for this to change throughout the summer, with LEON instead serviced solely from the supplier’s 1,000 solar PV generators.

Steve James, director corporate solutions at Opus Energy, said solar played a vital role in the company’s renewable energy mix.

“At Opus Energy we are very proud of our ability to provide 100% sustainable, cleanly-sourced energy to our customers, as well as supporting those who want to generate their own power and make the most of our natural resources – especially in the midst of this year’s heatwave.”