LG Electronics has announced that its new range of solar cells achieved an efficiency-average of 20.6 percent and a maximum efficiency of 20.7 percent, placing the South Korean electronics giant’s PV modules amongst the highest performing in the industry.

The findings are based on in-house tests, which were carried out under standard test conditions in accordance with the Fraunhofer Institute. The test laboratory of LG Electronics is certified by TÜV and UL.

LG Electronics credits its recent advancements in cell efficiency to its ongoing research and development programme. The company has invested several hundred million pounds in its solar division – a significant investment that the company believes is beginning to pay off.

Michael Harre, Vice President of the EU's Solar Business Group at LG Electronics, explained: “With our new G3 modules, we have recently introduced ultra-modern and extremely efficient modules which, thanks to their high performance and attractive design, will be well received by customers.

Harre added: “With its recent progress, LG demonstrates that we have gotten even closer to the maximum capacity of solar cells and solar modules. We will continue to intensify our efforts in research and development in order to increase these achieved peak values and to strengthen our position as a pioneer in the solar industry. With our innovative solar modules, we want to serve the increasing demand for quality products for renewable energy as best as possible. “

Currently, LG Electronics manufactures its solar cells from industry standard, 156 x 156 mm monocrystalline p-type wafers. However, the company plans to include the new high efficiency cells in its own module production in the New Year.