Doncaster-based PV provider, Libra Energy has revealed that it has inked three new distribution deals for 2015.

The first partnership will see Libra Energy stock its own-brand European-made module from Solvis. The 250W all-black monocrystalline module will be marketed under the brand name Zorro. Libra Energy claims that the module will be fully certified, warrantied and sold for a ‘keen price’.  

Libra Energy’s Paul Bradbury explained why the company is excited about the new deal. He said: “We’re particularly delighted to have our own brand range of solar PV panels – the Zorro range will help fill the gap that has been in the marketplace for 250W panels, with a shortage of these coming in from major suppliers. These are excellent panels – functionally and aesthetically – and will meet the needs of many installers at particularly keen prices for a European Module.”

The second deal will see the distributor stock Energeno’s popular Wattson Solar Plus smart energy monitoring system. The third and final deal will see Libra partner with Solis to distribute the company’s new Solis Mini inverter range.

Commenting on the new partnerships, Libra-Energy’s Paul Bradbury concluded: “These additional brands complement our existing range perfectly and means we have an even greater selection of components on offer to solar PV installers.”