Renewables developer Lightsource has confirmed that a total of 53 people have left the firm following an employee consultation period, fewer than the 80 originally expected.

Lightsource announced in April that it was to “reconsider” as many as 80 jobs within the company after an internal strategic review launched in the wake of last year’s overhaul of renewables subsidies.

A six-week consultation period with employees finished earlier this week, and a Lightsource statement confirmed this morning that a total of 53 people had left the company.

Lightsource chief executive Nick Boyle explained that positions in other parts of the company had been sourced for some of those involved in the original consultation.

“We have recently completed a strategic review of our internal resourcing and structure, as first announced in April. Following this, fewer employees will leave the company than expected – with several taking up other roles within Lightsource,” Boyle said.

That figure of 53 positions represents around 17% of Lightsource’s original headcount of 320.

It is not yet known which departments those leaving the company had been a part of, nor which departments have taken on additional staff.

The confirmation comes in the same week that as many as 170 jobs were lost following the liquidation of residential installer Solarlec, with large swathes of the solar industry continuing to find its feet after the government’s subsidy reset.

An STA and PwC-backed survey of the UK solar market concluded this week, the results of which are to be published later in the summer.