The UK’s largest owner and operator of solar PV, Lightsource Renewable Energy, has expressed its concern over government proposals to drastically reduce the support available under the feed-in tariff.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, the company’s CEO, Nick Boyle said that “like everyone else, we were hugely surprised and disappointed by the recent announcements”. Asked if the developments have cast doubt over the company’s commercial rooftop division and its PPA model, Boyle explained: “The devil is in the detail, and we are still assessing the impact these proposed changes will have on all our propositions, including our midscale PPA. It is still very early days and we do not have any definitive answers as yet.”

Boyle now believes that a well articulated and orchestrated lobbying effort will be necessary in order to influence the government away from the damaging set of proposals. Boyle said: “What remains pivotal is getting the message across to government that solar offers far more than simply putting panels on a roof and getting a tariff.”

“It's about the whole energy piece. It's about decentralised generation, about the smart home and the empowerment of homeowners, businesses and local communities to take control of their own electricity generation thus creating a cleaner and more energy efficient future,” continued Boyle.

Boyle concluded: “Solar is the only renewable technology that allows anyone and everyone to make a difference, and it will be the technology that delivers sustainable energy security in the United Kingdom within a decade. We need to reiterate this one key fact which no one can deny.”