The UK’s leading solar energy generator, Lightsource Renewable Energy, has revealed that a nationwide network of solar PV installers is rapidly taking shape after joining forces with its first 30 new partners across the UK.

Lightsource launched its bid to create a network of quality local PV installers at the Solar Energy UK conference, in October last year. Since the launch, the company has received a huge amount of interest from installers around the country and industry plaudits for creating a “simple, but highly effective” proposition to encourage the development of the UK commercial-scale rooftop market.

The majority of Lightsource’s £1.5 billion investment into the UK solar industry has been through the deployment of large-scale ground mount projects. With an ambition of reaching a 1GW operational portfolio by March 2015, Lightsource is keen to leverage its industry expertise, supply chain and funding to drive the growth of the UK solar rooftop market in both commercial and residential sectors.

Altrincham-based integrated property services group Styles&Wood Plc has already experienced a great response from its clients after joining forces with Lightsource. The group’s specialist renewable energy division, Styles&Wood Energy, believes that the Lightsource’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) simplifies what can be a complicated and lengthy process.

Ian Dunning, head of energy at Styles and Wood, explains: “In the past, companies were discouraged by the sheer complexity of commercial rooftop agreements as they would often have to involve a legal team as part of the process. The idea of incurring legal costs along the way is totally counterproductive when businesses are looking to solar energy to help save money in the first place.”

“We attended Lightsource’s launch event at the Solar Energy UK conference and instantly recognised that the Lightsource Solar PPA was unique to all other PPAs out there. It was clear to us that Lightsource had addressed many of the concerns we had encountered when speaking to businesses about rooftop solar and truly understand the rooftop market.”

“We’ve seen a turnaround from businesses who were initially put off by the idea of rooftop solar due to the complicated process, but when we returned to them with the Lightsource Solar PPA, they jumped at the chance.”

The Lightsource Solar PPA offers daytime electricity tariffs as low as five pence per kilowatt-hour and businesses only pay for the power they use. Lightsource is looking to partner with local installers across the country to fully develop the potential of rooftop solar PV in the UK.

By entering into a partnership with Lightsource, installers can be assured of secured funding, development support, access to tier one components whilst leveraging experience from the Lightsource in-house team of experts – currently 350 strong and managing the largest portfolio of commercial solar PV assets in the UK.

Nick Boyle, Lightsource CEO, said: “It’s pleasing to see such a positive reaction from both installers and clients. We recognise the huge potential for UK rooftops to benefit from solar power and, through our partnerships with local installers, we are focused to drive forward the next big wave of solar PV deployment.

“While we are already seeing a significant pipeline of projects emerging, we feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We look forward to developing many new long-term partnerships with local installers to help us build on these initial successes and our residential ambitions for 2015.”

Installers interested in partnering with Lightsource can contact Gareth Williams on 0333 200 0755 or email [email protected] .

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