A poultry farm in Lincolnshire has had a 140kWp solar array installed to help the farm slash running costs and carbon consumption. The install saw CTS Solar add an additional 580 modules and 8 inverters to an existing 50kWp array.

Paul West, Solar Project Manager for CTS Solar said: “even though the size of the system was considerable we managed to get it completed, commissioned and witness tested in just 10 days. The client was keen to register the installation before the April 1, the design and install process was efficiently managed, and the whole team pulled together to meet the deadline.”

Due to the high electricity consumption on the farm, each shed has its own electricity meter enabling the system to be designed and commissioned as three sub 50kWp systems, therefore attracting the higher feed-in tariff rate.

CTS Solar estimates that the upped solar capacity will cut the farm’s fuel bills by up to 30 percent, enabling the farm to achieve a significant savings as a result of the PV installation. It is estimated that the farm will achieve payback on the investment in five and a half year.

The installation was completed using 240w Jinko Solar polycrystalline solar modules and the Siemens PVM range of G59 three phase inverters. The solar PV system is expected to produce over 126,000kWh of electricity per year, saving 68 tonnes of CO2 in the process.