Labour’s shadow energy secretary, Lisa Nandy, has reportedly appointed former Greenpeace deputy political director Joss Garman to serve as her new head of policy, according to Utility Week.

Garman will leave his current position as associate director for energy, transport and climate change at think tank IPPR in order to assume his new role. As a member of Greenpeace, Garman posted multiple opinion pieces to outlets such as the Guardian, the Independent, as well as political and environmental blogs.

Garman’s new position should come as no surprise given Nandy’s stances on renewable energy, as the recently appointed shadow energy secretary notably called the Conservative Party’s energy policy a “national scandal” during her first speech at her new post in late September.

Nandy harped on a plan to “democratise” the UK’s energy supply with community renewable energy plants, while slamming government leaders for taking a back seat on climate change.

“Under David Cameron, Britain’s influence abroad has diminished quicker than at any period in living memory. It’s left us relegated to the margins of the global conversation, while others set the agenda and the pace,” she said, adding: “The Tories’ energy policy isn’t just putting the security of household budgets at risk, but our economic security too.”